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Child Support Guideline Appointments
(calculation of proposed monthly child support amount)


The Child Support Services staff will provide assistance in completing the paperwork for the Simplified Modification procedure or for completing a Parent’s Worksheet. The Parent’s Worksheet is the form that determines what the child support amount may be. This appointment can help parties determine if a change in their circumstances could have an effect on the child support amount. Child Support Services makes this service available to anyone who would like a calculation of their potential support amount, whether or not a case has been filed with the court. To schedule an appointment, please call (602)37-CLERK, or (602)372-5375. At the scheduled appointment time, the party will sign in at the downtown Phoenix court complex, located at 201 W. Jefferson, Family Court Filing Counter Windows #16 or #17. A Sensitive Data Sheet will be completed by the party at the time of the appointment The Appointment Specialist will take the party to his/her office to enter the information provided by the party. The forms that are prepared are the Parents Worksheet, Child Support Order, and Current Employer Information.


Simplified Modification Appointments are scheduled for one of two reasons: 1) When a party is considering changing an existing court order for child support or 2) If a party has been served with a Request for Support Modification filed by the other party and they are responding.

If the person is considering changing the existing child support order the Appointment Specialist will provide the party with the documents listed below as well as help them to properly complete the forms:
  * Request to Modify Child Support (simplified procedure)
  * Parents Worksheet
  * Child Support Order
  * Current Employer Information
  * Procedures: What to do with Request to Change Child Support after you have filled it out (simplified procedure)
If the person has been served and is considering responding to the other party's Request For Support Modification the Appointment Specialist will provide the party with the documents listed below as well as help them to properly complete the forms:
  * Parents Worksheet
  * The fee for this service is $27.00.

NOTE: Any of the forms and corresponding instructions can be downloaded from the Self-Service Center web page at www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov/SuperiorCourt/Self-ServiceCenter.

The Arizona Supreme Court and the Self Service Center also offer a free online Child Support Calculator that may help you determine if a change in the child support amount is appropriate. The online child support calculator is located at www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov/SuperiorCourt/Self-ServiceCenter/childSuppCalc.asp.


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