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Central Court in Phoenix - 201 West Jefferson
The Child Support Services Windows 16 and 17 are the first contact with the Child Support Services that many customers experience. Customers who have an appointment for assistance in completing the Child Support Worksheet need to check in at Window 16 or 17 on their scheduled date and time. The fee for this service is $30.00.

Additional Services Provided:
All court locations accept purge payments pursuant to a Court Order and accept release payments pursuant to a Child Support Arrest Warrant. They also handle requests for non IV-D support arrearage calculations and payment histories for both IV-D and non IV-D cases. The statutory fee for these services is: $67.00 for a non IV-D support arrearage calculation and $30.00 for a IV-D or non IV-D payment history.

Informational pamphlets on a variety of subjects are available at each court location. For more information call (602)37-CLERK, or (602)372-5375.

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